Best Case Scenario


BEST that could happen
What would change in your life- how would it reframe your perspective, if you asked yourself “what’s the best that could happen?”  So often we play into our own fears by asking “what’s the worst that could happen?”  And we dig down into the muck and draw out all those deep seated, sometimes hidden fears.  I’d much rather go with the best case scenario.  It draws in all the positive energy, excites you, makes you stretch into your bigness, and doesn’t activate those fears. 

Let’s say you’re a writer and you’ve written your first book and it’s about to be published.  You can face the demons with your worst case scenario: “I have my big launch, nobody reads my book……and I die cold and alone in a ditch.”  That’s always where our worst case scenario eventually ends up- cold and alone in death, because that’s really our deepest fear- that we are unlovable and will be alone when we die.  I don’t want to dwell in that place- it’s no good for our dreams to think this way. 

Now, let’s jump big and ask for the best case scenario.  “I launch my big book- everyone loves it!  Gayle buys it for Oprah as a gift- Oprah falls in love with it and I become an instant international best seller because she tells her viewers about it.  I get a spot in her magazine and I get invited to the next edition of Lifeclass.  I get to meet my favorite writers, get on the Today show, win awards, and buy my dream house on the beach.  All my next 10 books are best sellers as well and I never doubt my talents again.  I live happily ever after with my true love.”    

If you’re going to imagine scenarios that may never happen, doesn’t it feel so much better to imagine it this way?  It puts you in a much better emotional place and makes it that much more likely that your ‘too good to be true’ might come true.  It inspires and excites me to think of all the amazing things that could happen.  It is likely to motivate you to do a ‘crazy’ thing, like sending a copy to Oprah or another of your heroes.  And that ‘crazy’ idea could be what makes the difference between your worst case and best case. 

So next time you’re feeling anxious about a project or even about your life, take a minute to play out your best case scenario.  And PLEASE share them in the comments.  I’d love to hear about your best case and help you stretch it even bigger!

PS. If you need a reminder, click on the picture for a full size version you can download, as my gift to you. 

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